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About The Company

Perfect Bread Group of Companies has its origin in Seeta Foods Pvt. Ltd., a small plant at a small industrial town Hathin in Faridabad District. It was in the year 1993 that Mr. H.K. Batra, the dynamic Managing Director of Perfect Bread Group of Companies, with the blessings of Maa Bhagwati, launched his own venture by taking over a sick unit from the Haryana Financial Corporation, carrying into it the valuable experiences and insights he gained from the family business based in Delhi since 1982. From a humble beginning with quality products, Perfect Bread Group has gone onto become a leading name in the bread manufacturing industry because of the group’s relentless pursuit of excellence in all spheres. In 1996, the group launched Perfect Bread and the brand has now become synonymous with unmatched quality.

The year 1997 saw the establishment of L.R. Foods Pvt. Ltd. which later emerged as the flagship company of the group. The new plant enabled enhanced supply in Delhi & other parts in the National Capital Region. In 2000, Harpreet Foods Pvt. Ltd. was set up to introduce a variety of bread and bakery products in the market to satiate increasing demands. A spacious, trendy corporate office of the group got operational in 2001 to facilitate administrative and business activities. In 2006, a modern retail outlet came in the heart of Faridabad City to provide the customers with the ultimate in exotic bakery products. Perfect Food Industries was launched at Haridwar in 2008 to expand operations in Uttrakhand and the surrounding uncovered areas and in 2011 Perfect Bread Pvt. Ltd. in Ambala to supply the market of Punjab & surrounding area From 1993 to 2010 it has been an eventful period for Perfect Bread Group; a small business enterprise over the years expanded into a leading group, establishing in the process a strong brand. The current daily production of the group stands at 175000 loaves and the production capacity has increased to 225000 per day. The annual turnover of the group has gone up to 1255 million.

The saga of success continues… to make new bench marks in the industry.

From the Desk of the Chairman & Managing Director

We, as a corporate group, believe that nothing can limit our vision and efforts in delivering quality products to consumers at reasonable rates. We have fostered a work culture wherein integrity and transparency in all business transactions constitute the substance of our corporate identity. Ethical conduct of business is our guiding principle and success for us is to reap the fruit of hard work and diligence. These policies very well define us as a corporate entity.

The obsession with perfection has been a crucial factor in the growth of Perfect Bread Group of Companies. The emphasis on quality has helped the group to emerge as a leading bread manufacturer and this will remain our thrust area as we are all set to expand to serve more and more people cutting across different borders. We have introduced the brown bread and multi-grained bread to satisfy health conscious consumers. World class bakery products have been also introduced keeping in mind people with refined taste. Now that retailing is a dominant trend governing the market, we are focusing on that to offer more options in bread and bakery products to customers who have always welcomed nutritious and delectable confectionary items.

The last decade has seen unprecedented economic growth in the country and all the segments of FMCG have become more competitive in accordance with the overall industrial revival. To survive and thrive in such a competitive atmosphere, it is imperative to embrace modern technologies and install machineries facilitating optimum production. Perfect Bread Group of Companies has modern plants with the state-of-the-art facilities; we have also adopted futuristic technologies to increase production and cut costs.

To brace for the future, we are introducing new products, expanding existing plants and setting up additional plants.

We promise to stand by our commitment to perfection in every area of our business.

H K. Batra

Five Mantras of Our Success

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Our Production

Perfect Bread Group of Companies aims to establish the brand ‘Perfect’ as a synonym of best quality in bread and bakery products and sustain success through innovative production procedures and business practices.


Perfect Bread Group endeavours to make accessible world class quality bread and bakery products to people and provide them customer delight.


An obsession with Perfect Bread Group, the quest for quality is the driving force behind all our efforts and purpose of our existence.


Persistence to excel in all spheres makes Perfect Bread Group stand apart. Our commitment drives us forward to constantly raise the bar.

Team Work

The spirit of team work at all the units of Perfect Bread Group is infectious. From the top management to the workforce in the factory all work in unison to achieve the established goals of the group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Shri H.K. Batra has received several awards in recognition of his outstanding works exemplifying corporate social responsibility to promote community development.

Perfect Bread Group is committed to the uplift of the underprivileged and the marginalized of the society; the group has been fulfilling its corporate social responsibility through various programmes organized in partnership with leading NGOs and charitable organizations. The group sponsors community development programmes to facilitate social and economic development.

The group has been contributing its mite to make the world a better place to live in by using only eco-friendly and non-polluting materials for manufacturing and other allied activities.

Future Strategy & Growth Plan

Check out our latest blog posts, articles, client success stories and essential announcement.

Perfect Bread Group of Companies has recorded a phenomenal growth in the last year with an increase in the production turnover by 15 % and in revenue by 20%. During the last decade, the group turnover has reached Rs. 1255 million, a feat worth emulating. The group has envisioned sustained success and charted a growth path to face the future challenges in a competitive market, especially when the prices of raw materials are sky rocketing. The group will rely on addition of more retail outlets in the National Capital Region, development of novel products, training programmes for employees to enhance their knowledge and skills, product advertising and marketing strategies, increased participations in exhibitions and trade fairs, strategic tie ups, technological collaborations, expansion of manufacturing capacity of the existing units and establishment of new units, and diversification to stay ahead of the competition.

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Perfect Bread Group has opened its own modern retail bakery outlet, Perfect Bake, in the heart of the city to offer world class bakery products like muffins, cheesy snacks, brownies, pastries, cookies, chocolates, wedding & birthday cakes etc. to customers with differentiating taste buds. The group is successfully running four company’s own outlets is all set to increase its presence in the retailing sector with more outlets directly catering to the end customers selling a wide range of bakery products fancied by gourmets.