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Sharing the passion for real bread, bread bakers at Perfect Bake make the place smell a bread better. Bread has been a staple to our food industry for decades and even centuries.More popular because of its portability,nutritive value,taste and easy access, bread has unargumentatively become the most quitessential human food item.Apart from just patience ,practice and time ,proper technique that the bakers use at the Perfct Bake make the breads baked there head and shoulder over the average market bread.The patience these bread bakers exhibit makes them well worthy of the pat on the back and enamour us towards a healthy and sumptuos meal.Kneading and fermentation are the complex processes involved in the bread baking process and are time consuming.Overkneading and underkneading both head towards a little disaster so kneading nearly accounts upto a complicated process.It is more about how the bread dough feels and to check it, the years of experience and practice comes in handy.The more breads they bake, the better they bake , the more unusual they become and the best part is the learning never stops at Perfecct bake .The bliss of baking the real bread at Perfect Bake makes a lot of people legitimately curious about the baking process but again the pat goes to the bread bakers at perfect bake for having the perseverance , years of first hand experience and the high quality bread making gear.The external temperatures and oven temperature affects the bread baking processes so the gear and its versatality is of utmost care too.Food is the language of care and the one who has the real passion for it ,wins the songs of those who eat it.All in all the more bread they bake ,the more healthier it gets and at the end the more perfect it gets.


Lets play sherlock homes and separate wheat from the chaff surrounding these humble loaves of bread.ovver the past years this loaf has been playing the villan .But the question is that is bread really a villian to our healthy digestive system? lets bust some myths


Toast it smeared with butter, hide it coyly under the beans , sweeten it with honey or balance a scrambled egg over it, bread always makes a tasty meal.A bread centric meal is not only a convinient meal but also a healthy choice due to the low content of salt ,sugar and fat in it.It is a top source of calories and almost staple to everyone's diet plan.The calories and carbohydrates present in the bread are the rich source of energy along with a slew of health benefits that can be summed up briefly.

Bread Upma

Chop the bread slices in cubes. Keep aside. Here, I have used brown bread slices.

Bread Pakora

Before you begin making this delicious snack of bread pakora, you have to prepare the potato stuffing. The potatoes can be cooked in a pan, pressure cooker or Instant Pot.