In the continual process of creativity and innovation, PERFECT BAKE’S evolution and growth as a nationally recognized bakery brand over the last 20 years has been encapsulated through four distinctive Generations.

Humble Beginnings: From the very beginning of our journey in 1993, we haven't lost our passion for great food. It's who we are as people, as bakers, and as family.

  • 1993

    THE BIG START: Our Managing Director , Mr. H K Batra takes over a sick unit from HFC to reinvent and launch Seeta Foods Pvt. Ltd in industrial town of Faridabad, Haryana in the field of baking.
  • 1996

    THE BRAND ENTRY: Here comes the launch of the brand “ PERFECT ”, which would become the pioneer in the bread industry in the coming years. We nurtured it, baked the passage of hard work, better quality and today we proudly say it’s the Amitabh Bachan of the bread Industry! Unmatched quality and delivery speaks for itself
  • 1997

    THE FLAGSHIP LAUNCH: To cater to the needs of Delhi and NCR Region, LR FOODS PVT. LTD was launched in the Industrial Area, Faridabad - which later emerged as the flagship company of the group. We were ready to take on the ever increasing demand for better quality and volumes in the every growing region
  • 2000

    THE VARIETY BUFFET: To introduce a variety of bread and other bakery products in the market –Harpreet Foods Pvt. Ltd was launched. We saw a great demand for our quality products and planned to release a variety of products in the market catering to the new fashion of items and demands in the baking industry. We were there where no one was even thinking!
  • 2001

    THE CORPORATE WAR ROOM – Now as we were growing at a lightning speed, we needed a corporate war room to run the show at a bigger level. We launched our corporate office in sector 15,Main market , Faridabad – right in the heart of the city to coordinate and streamline our operations in the ever increasing Delhi– NCR area.
  • 2006

    ENERTING THE RETAIL GRAND PRIX – A huge visionary decision in 2006 enabled us to enter the retail grand prix with world class bakery products retail outlet “ PERFECT BAKE” in sector 15 ,Main Market Faridabad. A big decision but a better one to cater to retail customers showing them the never ending variety and taste of the bread bakery products. We were now zooming on the baking tarmac!
  • 2008

    NAMASTE TO MAA GANGA – We were there where Maa Ganga was! We put up our plant – Perfect Food Industries at Sidkul, Haridwar and expand in the area taking our baking products to the Holy City of Haridwar. We had to be pretty good to take on this area and match the ethics and standards of the area.
  • 2011

    THE MULTI-STATE LEAP: Perfect Bread Pvt. Ltd was set up in Saha, Ambala - Haryana to take on the increasing demand of our products in Haryana and Punjab Region. It was a brave step and a vision

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Our Management

H. K. Batra
Chairman & Managing Director

H. K. Batra

Mr. H. K. Batra has started his own business in 1993 with a small sick unit bought in auction of Haryana Financial Corporation in a small industrial town Hathin near Palwal.

Now the group have 5 Manufacturing Plants at various locations of northern India and a Modern Retail Bakery Outlet Chain “Perfect Bake” (for world Class Bakery Products). Group is catering the market of 7 states of north region including many prestigious institutions like 5 Start Hotels, Hospitals including Prime Minister’s Office Canteen.

Mr. H. K. Batra has received Doctor of Honours for Business Management in 2013 at Colombo in Sri Lanka.

And he has also received Doctor of Honours for Philosophy in 2021 at Manav Rachana University in India.

Apart from the above Mr. H. K. Batra has won so many prestigious awards like:
  • Business Sphere Award
  • ITID Quality Excellence Award

Dhruv Batra

Mr . Dhruv Batra is relentlessly working to follow the rich legacy of his father . His impeccable and meticulous sense of work is helping him out to set up his feet in his fathers shoe with great pride.With his mission of making his parents proud ,he is introducing some fresh and novel ideas to the industry . He has been idolising his father as his role model ever since his childhood days and in every way has been able to pick up his fathers qualities .Preferring quality over quantity has given him an edge over others.With absolutely no qualms about working at the ground level he has proved to be a hardworking and a successful businessman.He has been gifted with a pragmatic approach which he uses as a motivational support to encourage his team. A team leader that he is , he emanates positive energy and makes his work place a happy one .

Dhruv Batra

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