Lets play sherlock homes and separate wheat from the chaff surrounding these humble loaves of bread.ovver the past years this loaf has been playing the villan .But the question is that is  bread  really a villian  to our healthy digestive system? lets bust some myths surrounding it.

Myth one:

Eating bread makes you fat.

Myth buster:

The dietary contribution made by bread is often under appreciated.Contrary to the outdated beliefs ,bread inhertantly does not possess fattening qualities.Eaten in moderation one can savour the bread even if the goal is to loose the extra pounds.The fibrous wholegrain and seaded wholegrain breads help in appetite control and satiate any further hunger pangs .

Myth two

Brown bread is healthier than the white bread.

Myth Buster

Brown bread is often considered healthier than the white bread but according to the various analysis done many types of brown or wholemeal bread contains high levels of sugars and taste enhancers  to make the bread more delectable.To avoid any such high contents always see through the packaging to know the nutritive vaues.

Myth Three:

Bread is full of sugar and is  bad for the sugar levels in our body

Myth Buster:

Dietary contribution of bread is under estimated when it comes to sugar levels.Bread ,be it white ,brwon or wholemeal does not contain sugar as a part of the original recipie.the little sugar content comes in with the usage of flour.The starch present in small amounts in the flour make supto 1 to 2 grams of sugar per slice when the bread is baked which is very low in quantities .so eating bread is not really bad for your sugar levels.

Myth Four:

Bread that is gluten free is much healthier

Myth Buster:

Gluten gives breads the sponginess that is required so if a bread loaf is gluten free it might be packed with higher sugar contents and other taste enhancing nasties .They are often swaped with corn starch to match the structure.So a gluten free bread is not essentialy a healthy choice.

Myth five:

Mass produced bread is nutritively low than the home baked bread.

Myth Buster:

all bread bakers use the same recipies for baking the breads .The basic ingredients remain the same including flour , yeast , salt and some water. so there not any significant differences between mass produced breads and a home baked bread.

Don't ditch your bread and eat it with sheer hapiness.